Video to VGA convertor

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This converter can be used to convert video signals from various sources (e.g. DVD/VCR/camcorder/game console) to VGA output. The converter is capable of displaying a sharp, stable image on an LCD monitor.

No software required for operation. Now, games from consoles (XBOX, PS2, etc.) can be played on your monitor instead of on the TV.
• Adaptive non-linear noise reduction
• 3D motion adaptive de-interlacing
• Adaptive scan rate conversion
• Colour transient improvement provides sharper color transition
• Dynamic peaking and sharpness filter
• Automatic detection of NTSC/PAL input video system
• Plug-n-Play
• Full screen Video display on VGA monitor without turning on your PC
• Can connect to LCD/CRT monitor only (without PC)
• Able to switch between Video/PC input mode
• OSD (On Screen Display) function:
Resolution/Frequency/Monitor/Source/Reset adjustment
• Power saving mode
• Stereo audio output
• Resolution up to 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 at 60/75Hz