PA Outdoor sound projector

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A high wide band, such as dynamic speakers and have a built-in wide range „twine-cone“ speaker. Each of the integrated transformer tappings 100 V, 70 V and also 50 V have respectively three power levels. An excellent sound characteristic and the dynamic of these sound projectors gives best results for speech articulation as well as for a very good music performance. It is possible to rig up a number of these sound projectors, on top of each other, by use of similar phasing of the signal connection. This effects a narrowing of the vertical transmission angle at 1/4/8 kHz, which has the same effect as a column speaker.

  • Woofer:6.5-inches
  • Frequency Respone(Hz):100-17K
  • SPL(dB@1W/M):92
  • Power(W):20
  • Transformer Tappings(W):20, 10, 5
  • Ball Diameter(mm):170
  • Total Length(mm):252