Hybrid Opal 22 Audio interface IN/OUT

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The Hybrid Opal 22 USB audio interface, designed to deliver top-tier sound in a compact, bag-friendly, and easy-to-use format for singers, guitarists, and solo podcasters, allows artists and content creators to score pro-level tone with no learning curve, no matter where they go. With the 2 Channel In and Out capabilities its perfect for tracking instrument and vocals. The Direct monitor function routes input directly to the outputs so that you can catch mistakes at the source. The Opal 22 can also act as a Midi In/Out Interface with Midi messages and Midi timecode outputs. With all the features that the Hybrid Opal 22 offers, it is completely USB-powered, so no need for the extra power cables. The Opal 22 is compatible with all the popular DAWs. Start your favourite audio recording software and let your imagination and creativity run wild with the Hybrid Opal 22

Opal 22
in / 2 out Audio
True 48V Phantom power for full dynamic range on microphones
Direct monitor function routes inputs directly to outputs
Midi In / Out Interface
Completely USB bus-powered
Analog to digital conversion via AKM AK5358 converters with up to 24bit 96kHz resolution for recording
Industry standard XMOS USB Audio interface chipset with low-latency ASIO driver