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The Athena Gobo laser light with battery is just waiting for you to fire it up to have a party! With a portable laser light show it’s almost impossible to not have a great time! Double this up with a smoke machine and you’ve got a club in your yard or garage. No more hassle with cords and cables. You can take this LED Laser Light with you everywhere you go. Of course, the LED Laser Light can also be used on the wall socket when the battery is empty. Includes a remote control so it can easily be mounted out of reach if needed.

  • Laser Red : 100mW @ 650nm
  • Laser Green : 50mW @ 532nm
  • Quantity of LEDs : 1
  • LED colours : Red, Green, Blue
  • Power supply : 5V via USB
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) : 110 x 75 x 60mm
  • Weight : 0.35