Beta 3 VR110 Line array

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β3 VR110 full range speaker comprised by one 10" Neodymium woofer and dual 44mm Neodymium drivers, it belongs to one of the VEYRON series Medium full-frequency speakers.

Regarding structure of VR110, the new surface painting process by advanced painting technology. And its T shape structure makes hardware installation and uninstallation easily by lockpins. Furthermore, the speaker can be conveniently adjusted 10 degrees vertically by angle adjustment.

The woofer unite uses a large power 65mm voice coil. The material of voice coil skeleton is high intensity TIL and the voice coil is wrapped by round copper wires, which not only strengthen its power handling ability, but also improve its sensitivity.

44mm titanium voice coil of its HF driver is wrapped by aluminum flat wire ring. Patented technology of the high frequency waveguide and horns also help a lot to sound quality that completely satisfies customers' demands.


  • VR110 is a full range speaker of midium sized array system. It compriesed by a 10" Neodynium magnetic sub units, two 44mm Neodymium treble drivers and built-in crossover.
  • T-shaped cabinet and easy installation and uninstallation with lockpin,10°adjustable cabinet angle range.
  • 2pcs VR110 and 1pcs 18 sub make up excellent point source system.
  • Easy to mount on Speaker stand using built in 2 position Top hat ( vert & 5 Deg )
  • VR110 Features of Sound Quality: clear, full and powerful.