Beta 3 PL312F Dual 12" Waterproof Line array

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Poseidon series speakers are specially designed for outdoor performances, including waterproof multi-function speakers and waterproof line array speakers. Poseidon series is made of waterproof materials newly developed by the company. All speakers are designed according to IP55 international dust and water proof grade standards.

The PL waterproof line array system is composed of the PL312F dual 12" full-frequency waterproof speaker and thePL218BF dual 18" subwoofer. PL312F speakers can be gro-uped into 8 or 16 units in a flying line array when needed, and the PL218BF can be grouped into 4 or 8 units to form a bass sound field.



  • Dual 3" neodymium magnet compression driver. 

  •  Dual 12" neodymium magnet woofer. 

  •  Long-term continuous power: LF 600W, MF/HF 140W. 

  •  Dispersion: 100° horizontal, 0° x 10°vertical (adjustable). 

  •  Frequency response: LF 55Hz-600Hz (-3dB), MF/HF 400Hz-18kHz (-3dB). 

  • Sensitivity: LF 96dB, MF/HF 102dB. 

  •  Maximum SPL: LF 123dB/129dB (PEAK), MF/HF 120dB/126dB (PEAK). 

  •  Compression driver is configured with over voltage protection function. 

  •  Installation method: designated flying frame compatible with 3/4 size shackles.