Peavey VSX26E DSP

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The VSXe processors are DSP-based, loudspeaker management systems that boast a 96kHz sample rate and a floating point DSP processor for quiet accurate filter response. The crossover filters are fully adjustable and any input can be routed to any output. The VSX® Editor Program for PC allows complete remote setup and operation via the front panel USB port or by the rear panel Ethernet network connection. Files can also be saved and loaded using this interface software.

Balanced Inputs: VSX 26e 2
EQ filter types include: PEQ, Low-Shelf, Hi-Shelf, Low-Pass, High-Pass, All-Pass1 and All-Pass2
Crossover/Band-pass filters feature Butterworth, Bessel or Linkwitz-Riley alignments from 1st order (6 dB/Oct) to 8th order (48 dB/Oct)
Signal generator (sine, white noise, pink noise)
Channels can be linked for simplified stereo operation
Every output features: 9 bands of PEQ, gain, compressor/limiter, polarity, Delay (680 mS), mute, and crossover/band-pass filters
5 segment LED meters with limit indication on each output
2 XLR balanced inputs and 6 XLR balanced outputs
Maximum input and output level +20 dBu, XLR balanced inputs and outputs
Frequency response 20 Hz to 20 kHz +0, -1 dB
THD+N < 0.01% at 1 kHz
Every input features Gain, Mute, HP and LP filters, 8 bands of PEQ, polarity and Delay (680 mS)
Security lock
Dynamic range input to output greater than 109 dB (A-weighted) or 107 dB (unweighted)
USB B port for setup and control
24 bit Delta-Sigma A/D and D/A converters
Ethernet port for setup and control
96 kHz Sample rate
PC Editor Programs allow complete remote setup and operation via USB or Ethernet
Balanced Outputs: VSX 26e 6
5 segment LED meters on each input