Orion PA 4000 Amp

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The NEW ORION Power Amplifiers Series comprises two channel Professional Amplifiers that combine high quality performance and reliability with the latest Power Amplifier Technologies.  This high power amplifiers are housed in a 2 rack unit with the Sound Quality and durability of traditional class AB and class H designs.

Stereo Power 8 Ohm 2*1000W
Stereo Power 4 Ohm 2*2000W
Bridge 8 Ohm 4500W
Signal to Noise 110DB
Slew Rate 90V/uS
Damping Factor 200
Frequency response 20hz-20Khz, +/-0.5dB
THD + N ~0.5%, 1Khz, 1/3 Rrte Power 8 Ohm
IMD ~0.5%, 1Khz, 1/3 Rrte Power 8 Ohm
Cross Talk 85dB 88dB
Input Sensitivity ~0.77 Balanced / 0dB Unbalanced
Input Impedance 10k Ohm, Balanced / 20dB Unbalanced
Input Interface Three Core Female XLR input
Link Interface Three Core Male XLR input
Speaker Interface Speakon Connectors (4 Pole)
LED Indicator Power / Signal (-40dB) / Clip (Peak) / Protection
Power Supply 4000W
Cooling Mode Front to Rear Stepless Air Cooling
Nett Weight 17.8 Kg
Gross Weight 19.5Kg
Mounting Size 2U / 19″ Rack Mount
Dimension (WxHxD) 483 x 101.5 x 421 mm