Megaphone 25W with USB/MP3 & Siren

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A powerful and durable pistol grip megaphone for outdoor voice reinforcement applications.

  • Anti-feedback microphone which can be attached to the megaphone or handheld
  • Switchable siren function
  • Robust ABS construction
  • Handheld or shoulder strap operation
  • Built in USB player
Model Description
MG20USB Megaphone with USB/MP3/SIREN 25W
  • Output Rate:max. 25W
  • Power:8xtype C batteries
  • Battery Lifetime:permanent operation 5 hours
  • Reach:outdoors up to 1500m
  • Dimension:230mm x 370mm
  • Weight:1.65kg (without batteries)
  • Material & Colour:ABS/Blue-grey
  • Signal Sound:whistle (1.600Hz – 2.400Hz) / Siren